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Cole's Perfect Puppy is a recipient of the prestigious Mom's Choice Award®

A First Place Winner in the 2016 Purple Dragonfly Awards
( Middle Grade Fiction Category).

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Both awards won for the Paperback version of Cole's Perfect Puppy

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2018 Best Children's Book Fiction





Cole's Perfect Puppy - REVIEWS - 5 Stars Across The Board!!

Cole's Perfect Puppy: Perfect Puppies Book One, by Frances M. Crossno, is a chapter book for children six to ten years old. Although this is considered to be a Christian novel for young readers, I felt the lessons taught in this chapter book are appropriate for everyone in that age range.

This is an adorable story about two brothers, Caleb and Cole. They decide to stop at the Dog House, a pet store located in the mall, so they can play with the puppies before going home. This was their last chance to play with the puppies before Christmas. During the visit, a puppy escapes from the store and heads into the mall, leaving the brothers to try to catch it. By the time the puppy is returned back to the store, it is too late for the boys to ride their bikes home, so they call their Uncle Bobby to come and pick them up at the mall. While they are waiting, they see a girl form their school nicknamed "Wrinkled Rachel." Cole quickly tells Caleb it isn't nice to call people names because it is hurtful. They sit with her while they wait for Uncle Bobby to pick them up, and the boys soon realize Rachel is a good person, and this begins their friendship. Rachel teaches them some valuable lessons about friendship, sacrifice and love.

The cover of this book is so adorable, and I was hoping to see more pictures throughout the book. The lessons taught in this book are good lessons for all ages, and by adding more pictures, I think it would have made the book more desirable to younger children. It is formatted as a chapter book that would be easy to read for the early reader, and still enjoyable for the older reader. I would recommend this book.

I was given a digital copy of this book from First Edition Design Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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What a wonderful book! The story was heartwarming and full of important messages for young (and older!) readers. It manages to surprise the reader, something that is often missing from children's books. It made my son and me smile often, and at some points, we laughed out loud. We could just see the expressions on Cole's and other people's faces when certain things happened (don't want to spoil it for you!).

Animal lovers will enjoy the book, and the reader will learn bits of interesting information about animals, especially dogs. The information is presented lightly, so the book does not read like an encyclopedia on animals. The tidbits fit neatly into the story.

This book is a great choice for school age children. Homeschool families will love it. Cole's actions demonstrate how Christian principles can be applied in everyday life. The story shows the value of kindness, prayer, respect for others, thankfulness, and hope. Parents and caregivers will find good follow-up topics for discussion with their children. In Rachel, Cole's friend, we see someone who is bullied and who has problems that are not apparent. There is a reason she has wrinkled clothes, and this part of the story provides an opportunity to discuss the importance of not judging a person by his or her appearance. The relationship between Cole and his brother shows how brothers should treat each other. The relationship between Cole and the pet store owner shows a good relationship between employer and worker, and how respect can be earned both directions. The situation with the Christmas gift shows how to tactfully handle disappointment, and later shows how a problem can be resolved and can even turn out to be a blessing. These are topics that come to mind easily, but there are more than these to be found.

Another reviewer mentioned that more pictures would be good, and for preschool children, pictures often help. However, I would not hesitate to read this book to that age group. The words that the author uses help the reader imagine what the people and animals look like, and this book would be good for helping younger children learn to use their imaginations. The reader could say, "Can't you just see that little red puppy running down the middle of the mall?" Kids will be giggling along with the adult reading to them. The adorable puppy on the cover of the book has them seeing the puppy throughout the story. Also, .I like how the author gives the characters lines to say, because it gives the adult reader opportunities to do the talking and to use different tones and mannerisms appropriate for the different characters. This creates interest for the listening child.

This book is entertaining, easy to read, and instructive without losing a child's interest. It moves quickly and will keep a child wanting to hear what comes next. Overall, I highly recommend this book. I give it 5 stars. It would be a perfect gift for people to give any of the children in their lives. I am glad I purchased this book, and I look forward to seeing what else this author comes out with. Great start!

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Frances Crossno has written such a delightful story! The book is perfectly suitable and will be enjoyed by young children and teens. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated it too. This is a charming story that will make every reader smile. Not only is the story an entertaining read, it is filled with many valuable life lessons. The author includes additional material at the end to encourage discussion which will emphasize the learnings the book has presented through clever story lines and engaging characters.
The characters are well defined and likeable including the “perfect puppy” who at times makes a bit of a mess of things. The story is engaging; young adults will likely read it very quickly as the various story lines unfold with anticipation.
The key discussion topics I gleaned from the story are around:
• Friendship and positive relationships
• Personal sacrifice
• Empathy for others
• Hard work and responsibility
• Commitment
• Mentoring/coaching
• Coping with disappointment
• Determination
• Doing the right thing and experiencing joy
All very positive life lessons that unfold in such a wonderful read! This book has earned five stars from me. I look forward to the next story from Frances.
I plan to give this book to every young adult I know.

 puppy01 - frances crossno

This was a cute early chapter book that has Christian values and some spiritual references. Cole really wants a puppy for Christmas. When he and his brother Caleb are at the mall, one of the puppies from the pet store escapes and runs out into the mall. With many people in pursuit, Cole catches the puppy. He really wants this dog for Christmas, but his uncle gets him a pot-bellied pig instead. he is disappointed. When he is given the opportunity to earn money to buy the puppy for himself by working at the pet store, he jumps at the opportunity. Friendship with Rachel, a girl who's father was killed in Afghanistan develops and he proves he is a real true friend. A cute story about working for what you want, having faith in God and being a good friend. This would be a great book for any Christian School or Church library.

I received a copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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